Visitors to Hawaii love Oahu. The third-largest island of the Hawaiian archipelago commands quite a bit of attention. Known for its city of Honolulu, and the famous Waikiki Beach, this island attracts people from all over the world.

But among all the hustle and bustle that a large city brings, there are also ways to soak up this island’s beauty and reverence without gravity ever touching you. The island has special places or relaxation activities that help you let go and unburden yourself.

From calming nightlife to rejuvenating body treatments previously undiscovered, it’s time to allow the majesty of this beautiful island to recharge your days and nights, leaving you relaxed and serene.

How do we love thee?

Let us count the ways.

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Woman getting a massage treatment to relax at a spa in Oahu

1. Treat Yourself

Spas and beauty treatments are nothing new but if you have never experienced having a day treatment or relaxing massage, now is the time.

This is not just for the ladies. Men can benefit from a full massage as well.

Couple’s massages are a definite attraction for those who like to experience new things together.

Oceanview or cascading waterfalls, there’s scenery waiting for you not to mention products and oils that compliment your skin, and aromas that settle the mind.

Everyone needs this at least once in their life.

From head to toe you’ll emerge a new person, your muscles fluid, and your outlook clear.

A woman enjoying a drink and relaxing with local entertainment in Oahu

2. Enjoy Local Entertainment

Drinks and music abound when on Oahu. The most popular would be the live music at the Sheraton Waikiki. With live entertainment from 6:00 pm until 8:30 pm at the Sandbar. For those wanting to hear the old Hawaiian sounds, then a visit to the legendary Don Ho Show is a must. Located at the Waikiki Beachcomber, the sounds will take you back through old Hawaiian classics.

Check with your hotel attendants for info on the best in live music, nightlife, and local bars to experience a relaxing night. It might just become a ritual during your stay.

A local market that you can shop and relax at in Oahu

3. A Shoppers Delight

Shoppers unite! What better way to relax than to wander around the shopping areas. Start and end with a local coffee and sustain the growing Hawaiian economy.

Where do you start? With souvenirs of course.

From local markets or high-end centers, Oahu has it all. Pick up some local food and a handmade item to remind you of your stay, or choose the perfect gift to take home for friends and family.

For the men in the room who do not equate spending money with relaxation activities, then best you head off to the local sports bar. For the rest of us. Let’s go!

Thank you, retail therapy.

The water and sand at the shoreline on a beach day in Oahu

4. Beach Day

For beach lovers, a few hours or even a day at the beach is a great way to relax. Choose one of the many around this big island where food, water toys, and amenities are plentiful. For those who want a quieter spot away from the crowds of Waikiki, there are local favorites.

For the people-watchers, there’s plenty to see. Grab your beach towel, sunscreen, and water bottle to head out. Try surfing at Sunset Beach or for the experienced rider the Banzai Pipeline is the ultimate.

For those wanting a warm place to relax without the big crowds, make your way to Kahana Beach Park. Picnic tables and areas to chill out are what this beach located in the East Windward Oahu region has to offer.

People cheersing with wine and food on a dinner cruise in Oahu

5. Sail the Seas

For those not so experienced, the way the ocean makes you feel will be a lifetime memory.

Regular visitors to Oahu and seasoned water babies will appreciate the way the Hawaiian waters draw you in with their aqua blue shores and deeper blue promise to take away the stresses of the world.

But this is much more than merely an empty promise. A dinner cruise, private sailing tour, or a solo kayaking adventure are all here waiting.

Spending time on the water is a freedom not comparable to many other things. Surfers and sailors know the feeling, now it’s your turn.

A temple to visit to experience the culture and history in Oahu

6. Experience Culture and History

If learning about your current environment is something that relaxes you, then off we go to a museum.

There is plenty to do in Oahu if you are a history buff, or simply if you want to know more about the culture and past lives of the Hawaiian people.

Check out the many places to learn about the Royally that lived on the islands before they were known across the world. The people, culture, and legends contained within each one of these places to remember is a chance to take a bit of ancient Hawaii home in your heart.

This is a very special place.

A blue piggy bank with a coin going in to represent saving money by choosing free and easy relaxing activities to do in Oahu

7. Free and Easy

Want Free Stuff?

Relax and save money? Sounds like a match made in heaven. Oahu has lots to do if you are wanting a day of meandering without the wallet.

Each night experience the fireworks above Waikiki Beach or enjoy the entertainment by Hula dancers at Ala Moana Center.

Ukulele lessons can be had almost everywhere you go. Lots of traditional activities are around all Oahu. Relax, breathe in the local environments, and culture, and spend the day taking it all in.

Ask your hotel concierge for the best place with little to no cost, or simply just go for a walk.

The simple things in life are often the best.

You’ll be glad you did.


What’s next? All there is left to do is imagine yourself lying in the warm breeze, taking in the smells of the salt air coming from the oceans, and the fragrance of the fresh flower lei beside you. 

Shake off those everyday life demands. You deserve it.

We’ll see you there.


If all these things leave you wanting more, then begin your journey today. Visit us for the best advice on where to go in Oahu to relax and recharge. What’s left to do? Plan, book, pack…and go!

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