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Kuliouou Ridge Trail

The Kuliouou Ridge Trail is about 4.4 miles round trip and takes a good three to four hours to complete. Less then half an hour from Waikiki, the trailhead is located at the end of residential Kalaau Place. It is moderate in its challenge and features some stairs that make the climb easier. It is a pretty rocky terrain on steep inclines with many local varieties of plants and trees. The trail travels through several different environments showcasing the diversity of the Oahu landscape.

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The trail has a lot of switchbacks to guide you up the side of the mountain. Just when you’re feeling winded you reach a ridgeline where you will enjoy cool breezes. The main trail then veers to the left into a grove of Cook pines that leads to the base of a red dirt hill. You can pause at the covered bench at the top before ascending the final climb to the peak. The climb is steep with lots of pesky roots that can be difficult to navigate. However, passed the roots you will find the trip was worth it when you take in the view of the Kuliouou valley and ocean.

The trail continues through an interesting archway of banyan branches, to an even more breathtaking view from the ridge. Stairs make it easier to reach the final plateau where you will thank your lucky stars for persevering when you see the overwhelming views of beautiful East Oahu. Lush farms, sandy beaches, the endless Kailua coastline, the striking Kaneohe peninsula, and the outstanding view of the Koko Crater fight for your attention before you retreat down the trail.

multiple_stop Length
4.4 miles round trip
alarm Duration
3-4 hours
terrain Difficulty
my_location Nearby
Less than 30-minutes from Waikiki
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