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Come to Waimea Bay Beach Park and enjoy the beauty around you. Waimea Bay Beach Park offers breathtaking views of the North Shore and access to killer surfing. With the Pacific Ocean on one side mountains and the coast on the other, Waimea Bay Beach Park provides a diverse outdoor experience that won't disappoint.

Overview of Waimea Bay Beach

You can find the beach offers the perfect North Shore waves, an upbeat ambiance, and a lot of action during the winter and summer.
The waves roll in from the North Shore, giving you some of the best surfing on Oahu. Waimea Beach is one of the world's best big-wave surf sites. The waves can reach 40 feet during the winter months. In fact, Sunset Beach and Banzai Pipeline tend to top out the right side of the bay. Unless you're a skilled surfer, you might want to reconsider hitting the waves during the winter. If your skills are up to speed, nothing will stop you from checking out the waves here.
Besides surfing in the winter, check out swimming and snorkeling during the summer. Ultimately, vacationers can enjoy bodyboarding, rock climbing, fishing, snorkeling, and swimming at this beach. So go for the adventure!  


How to Get There

Waimea Bay Beach Park is located 5 miles north of Haleiwa or 36 miles from Kaneohe on Hwy 83.


Amenities at Waimea Bay Beach Park

If you plan on visiting Waimea Bay, bring a chair and umbrella for the day, as well as gear for swimming and snorkeling. Yet you can find the following here:

  • Parking
  • Picnic tables
  • Restroom and showers
  • Lifeguards on duty daily
  • Few eateries

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Enjoying Waimea Bay Beach

Family-Friendly Activities

This beach offers all-year-round fun. Enjoy a family-friendly day at the beach with activities that thrill and spark your children’s interest, like tubing down the Waimea River. Swimming, surfing, or spotting dolphins and turtles while playing along the shore--there's never a dull moment at Waimea Bay Beach! So, get your family out of the cold and dive into the warm and sunny Waimea Bay Beach.

Waimea Bay Beach Park Activities

With bodyboarding, surfing, rock climbing, fishing, snorkeling, and swimming at Waimea Bay on Oahu, get ready to enjoy a day of fun in the sun.

Bodyboarding and surfing: They hit the big wave as they roll into Waimea every winter with bodyboarding and surfing on offer. Everyone deems this beach for experts as the waves hit as high as 40ft. As such, we don’t recommend this spot for beginners. Yet, you can use this time to catch local surfing competitions and events, such as the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational.

Snorkeling and swimming: Dive into the deep blue ocean. Summer days give swimmers and snorkeling enthusiasts a chance to enjoy calm waters. Swimming between the large rocks here gives you a feeling of a bottomless wonderland. Discover the various species of fish and green sea turtles here! This "Nature's Wonderland" is waiting for you! Make sure to bring your snorkeling gear—no rental places at this beach. 

Cliff-Jumping: Visit the popular cliff diving spot (aka da rock) near the left end of the beach for an unforgettable experience. Beachgoers, especially locals,  enjoy climbing the Da Rock for a thrilling dive into the turquoise waters. Yet, many choose to heed the "No Jumping" sign near this cliff. By all means, please heed the sign’s warning!

Explore the Waimea Bay tunnels: Explore the hidden tunnels at the Rock in Waimea Bay Beach. Trong swimmers will enjoy exploring the caves in the area. You might spot interesting marine life.

Rock Climbing at Waimea Bay: While some may enjoy jumping off the Da Rock, others enjoy climbing it. Climbing the natural rock walls is a great way to test your limits while enjoying an afternoon on the beach. Go to the left end of this beach for this 20-ft natural rock-climbing wall.

Fishing at the Waimea Bay: Today’s the day to catch a fish like the many locals. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert angler or new to fishing, come out and experience one of Oahu’s best-kept secrets today! Enjoy the fun and excitement of catching your fish since It is not a marine preserve area. 

Breathtaking sunsets on Waimea Bay: With a spectacular sunset overlooking the bay, Waimea is a favorite spot to enjoy a late-night enveloped by nature. Consider heading to the Da Rock for great views and to capture the stunning silhouettes against the sunset. 


Nearby Sights and Activities

Hike to the Waimea Falls: Take a family-friendly stroll to a stunning Oahu waterfall. The trail to the Waimea waterfall starts in the Waimea Vally- the botanical garden across the street from the Waimea Bay. Upon reaching the Waimea Falls, take a dip in the clear waters. Bring your bathing suit and life jacket, for lifeguards and changing rooms are on site. 

Explore the Waimea Valley:  If you are interested in cultural activities, history,  and botanical gardens, head over to the Waimea Valley estates. The estate's Cultural Center features an array of experiences dedicated to Hawaiian culture and history, like an art gallery showcasing works from local artists and other exhibitions and interactive classes. This site sits right across from Waimea Bay. 

Toa Luau: They include the evening Luau with entrance to the Waimea Valley. Enjoy an unforgettable luau dinner, cultural demonstrations, and Hawaiian entertainment all in one. This luau only takes place on Mon-Wed.

Ehukai Beach: If you're looking for waves, head to the Banzai Pipeline. The waves at Ehukai Beach curl into perfect barrels that will feel like watching a 3-D movie. The trick to finding the beach is looking for Sunset Elementary School across the street. It is located just a short drive from Waimea Bay.

Old Town Haleiwa: Before reaching Waimea Bay Beach, consider a quick stop at North Shore's old town, Haleiwa. Old Town Haleiwa consists of quaint local shops, galleries, and eateries to complete your beach trip. Munch on some delicious Hawaiian shave ice from Matsumoto's!

Waimea Heiau Ruins: Waimea Heiau Ruins is one of the most well-preserved Hawaiian heiaus on the island, with most outer walls intact. As one of the most impressive heiaus on the island, make sure to take the short drive or hike to the top. The hiking trail begins just beyond the entrance to the beach parking lot. Enjoy the worthwhile views along the route and from the ruins’ top. 


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