Kualoa Regional Park

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Kualoa Regional Park is a serene and beautiful place at the northern end of Kane'ohe Bay. This spacious park is located at the Kane'ohe Point in the heart of the Ko'olau Poko land division.

Just a few hundred yards offshore is the well-known pointed landmass known as Mokoli'i Island. Mellow little waves lap against the thin strip of white sand, and the turquoise water is protected by a large barrier reef about 1/2 mile offshore.  The highway runs closer to the mountains here than at many other beaches in windward Oahu, so Kualoa Regional Park is a place you can come to escape the buzz of traffic.

You will rarely find this place crowded, just perfect for a day of solitude and relaxation. The water is calm and warm. The Ko'olau Mountains in the background form a gentle crescent that nestles the beach Kualoa Regional Park between the mountains and the ocean.   In the distance, you can see Kane'ohe, Kailua, and the coast stretching down towards Waimanalo.  

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You are definitely in for a treat at Kualoa Regional Park.  In addition to the beach and beautiful view; there is a large and well-mainatined lawn; a good place to throw a frisbee or play ball.   The field is sprinkled with several shade trees which are great for relaxing beneath in the heat of the day, and the flat water in the bay makes for excellent kayaking conditions. In fact, this is a very popular place to put a kayak in the ocean and paddle out to Mokoli'i Island.   

According to the early Hawaiians, this location used to be very sacred due to whale bones frequently washing ashore. These whale bones were then used as jewelry and tools.  Kualoa Regional Park is located off Highway 83 north of Waikane.

Make sure to spend some time at Kualoa Regional Park.

Make sure to spend some time at Kualoa Regional Park.

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