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Bellows Beach

Located in windward Oahu just outside the town of Waimanalo is a long thick stretch of white sand facing a clear turquoise blue expanse of ocean.    

The sand is a very fine white powder which is silky soft and soothing on one's skin and there is an expansive view of the coastline all the way down to Makapu'u Point which is the southeast corner of Oahu. This is a popular beach with locals who want to get away from the crowds and take a swim.  

There is a large camping area in the ironwood trees where local families set up camps for the weekend to enjoy the beach.   It can be quite windy at bellows beach so be prepared for a constant fresh breeze in your face on the beach.  Tradewinds are generally 15-25 knots; make sure to secure lightweight items, tuck the edges of your blanket into the sand and leave the frisbee and inflatable beach ball in your car. 

The wind can kick up a bit of turbulence along the shore at the break line but there are many places where the break is far enough outside that calm swimming holes are prevalent between the break and the shore, perfect for dunking your head under  the water and immersing yourself in the blue-green aquamarine cleansing essence of the ocean.  Unless you are a strong swimmer with experience in Hawaiian surf conditions, we strongly encourage you to stay inside the break at Bellows.  The coast here is long and exposed and you must know how to identify the various currents which are combining in the nearshore areas.

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Be sure to make plans to visit Bellows Beach.

Be sure to make plans to visit Bellows Beach.

In addition to camping, Bellows is a popular place for surfing and fishing with the local community.  The only downside to Bellows is its close proximity to Bellows Air Base.  Shared by the Marines, Air Force, and Hawaii National Guard, the base area is vast.  As you approach along Tinker Rd, you snake past various base entrances and along a long one of barbed wire fence.  Signs warn of beach closure during military training exercises and you can see multiple portals through the fence line where it appears that they bring heavy equipment down to the beach for training exercises.   

Do not be deterred by the drive along the edge of the restricted area, there are clear postings as to what is off limits and which areas are clear for public access and a sign near the entrance to Tinker Rd indicates when the beach is open to the public and when it is closed.  Generally, the beach is only open for public access on the weekends.

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