Oahu Zoos and Aquariums

Looking for a family-friendly activity that absolutely everyone will enjoy? Then look no further than Oahu's fun animal parks and zoos. How about a life-changing swim with the dolphins where you can frolic and play with these intelligent beings? Adults and wee ones alike will delight at clicks, whistles, and tricks these amazing animals share with you. If you're looking the perfect marine encounter but prefer to stay dry, check out the Waikiki Aquarium- here you'll find everything from colorful coral, to tiny seahorses, to endangered Hawaiian monk seals and green sea turtles. Plus, the aquarium has lots of interactive programs for kids and makes learning about our sea-dwelling friends fun. And everyone loves the zoo, and the Honolulu Zoo has lots to love- it's the only zoo within a 2,300-mile radius, the only zoo in U.S. whose lands were part of a grant from a King, and it is home to over 900 specimens and more than 220 species, several of which are endangered. Whether you stay on land or jump right in, we know you'll love these amazing Oahu Zoo and Aquarium adventures. 


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