Oahu's Top Boutique Hotels

Unique Oahu Accommodations

When planning your dream vacation to Oahu, a boutique hotel may be an option you otherwise wouldn't have thought of on your own. While visiting the island of Oahu, we want you to have a truly unique lodging experience and that is why we have put together our list of the top boutique hotels in Oahu.  

To be honest, we get tired of staying at the same cookie-cutter types of hotels and resorts each time we take a vacation.   We like to change it up a bit, especially when we're vacationing somewhere we've never been before.  We have found Oahu's boutique hotels to have it all; upscale designs that are chic and fun, friendly staff who offer personal service, and believe it or not, they are very cost effective, too.   We also enjoy the fact that all the hotels on our list, especially those on Waikiki, are built in an urban setting; so a quick walk to a great restaurant, shopping, and all those touristy things are just right around the corner.   We hope you find our selections to be what you are looking for in a hotel.   Enjoy!

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