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Things to Do near Princeville on Kauai

Framed by stunning cliffside views that overlook the Pacific, Princeville is a common destination for many visitors to the island of Kauai. In fact, sunsets and beaches in the area are picturesque. Many restaurants accentuate this beauty with outdoor patios that are perfectly lit to enjoy the sunset and your meal at the same time.

You can also enjoy nature by walking, biking, or running along the many paths in the area, such as Princeville’s main corridor or Princeville Path. You can even take in a waterfall or two at the nearby Namolokama Mountain which can be viewed when there has been a good bit of rain.

Princeville offers a strong sense of community that not only attracts residents but visitors as well. Enjoy the peaceful beauty of Princeville. The town has embraced its ancient history that shaped much of the area and Hawaii as a whole.

The Princeville community continues to grow amidst Kauai’s beautiful, lush valleys and tropical forests. Through this growth, the community still values the memories and traditions of the old Kauai, as well as the area's historical ties to the Kamehameha dynasty.

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Directions to Princeville

Princeville, located on the northern tip of Kauai, has its own namesake airport, the Princeville Airport - HI01. As a result, reaching your Princeville destination is quick and simple once you land. To head to Princeville, take Highway 56 North. After just two miles, turn right onto Ka Haku Road. At the traffic circle, take the exit to remain on Ka Haku Road. Within just a few feet, take a right onto Punahele Road. And at that, you've arrived at the center of Princeville!

Brief History of Princeville

In 1778, Westerner Captain James Cook set foot on Kauai. Before this, Hawaiians had found a way of life in the area that offered abundance. Hawaiians made use of the area’s lush valley and resources through taro fields, ocean fishing, and farming.

Once the Westerners arrived, the culture and way of life did change. Cattle ranching was incorporated into the farm and ranch life on the island. From crops of Hanalei, a tropical fruit, potatoes, coffee, and silkworms, the new and old residents tried many different forms of farming. Eventually, a sugar plantation was established in the area, followed by a ranch in 1895.

Nowadays, Princeville still embraces ranching culture with cowboys and horseback riding, as well as family-operated farms.

Princeville Did You Know?

Princeville, the town found on Kauai’s northern coast, was named in honor of Hawaii’s Crown Prince Albert.

Princeville is generally warm, offering temperatures of about 86 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months.

1. Princeville Center

Experience Kauai’s high-end dining at the Princeville Center. The center offers a wide-ranging collection of shopping, dining, and businesses that allow you to feel comfortable while still exploring the island-style wares from local Kauai businesses and artists.

Princeville Center is found between Princeville Ranch and Kauai’s sea cliffs. Head south on Punahele Road towards Ka Haku Road. After turning onto Ka Haku Road, take the first exit at the traffic circle. After taking a left turn, you will arrive at the Princeville Center, ready to find the perfect handmade souvenirs or piece of stylish island apparel.

2. Hideaways Beach

Hideaways Beach has been commonly deemed at a great place to snorkel during calm weather, typically during the summer. The secluded beach is worth the walk. Find a place to lay your towel and take in the scenery of cliffs and lush palm trees surrounding you.

Hideaways Beach is another destination that is mere moments from the center of Princeville. While only 20 minutes walking will get you to your destination, driving can allow you to bring all the beach and picnic gear you will need to enjoy the whole day. Heading south from the city center, take the Ka Haku Road. After less than a mile, turn right. Just like that, you’re at the beach, ready to take in the stunning ocean views!

3. Queen’s Bath

Another very close beach destination to Princeville is Queen’s Bath, which is a very popular place for visitors and locals during the summer months. Queen's Bath is a natural tide pool with some fish. It is frequently churned by water that spills over the lava rocks to refresh the pool.

Queen’s Bath can be accessed from the center of Princeville by taking a short 2-minute drive via Punahele Road. There is parking available close to the attraction’s trailhead, but once you arrive, you should be well-equipped to make a short walk past a waterfall and across the rocky lava rock that the area is famous for.

4. Hanalei Valley Lookout

Hanalei Valley Lookout is known as a picturesque yet easily accessible lookout, perfect for the photo opportunity to commemorate your time in Princeville. From the lookout, you will get uncompromised views of Namolokama Mountain, complete with waterfalls.

Hanalei Valley Lookout is located under 2 miles from the center of Princeville, making it yet another destination that you can pair with other activities on your itinerary. To get to Hanalei Valley Lookout, head south on Punahele Road toward Ka Haku Road, where you will turn left. At the traffic circle, take the second exit to stay on Ka Haku Road. Shortly after, turn right onto Highway 560 West, where your destination will be on the left.

5. Tiki Iniki

Tiki Iniki is a popular local bar and grill that serves a variety of dishes, from island-style to classic American dishes. Make sure to share and try many dishes on the menu. Just a snapshot of the menu includes the Iniki, a rum-based cocktail, Shrimp Rangoons, the Hawaiian Sunset flatbread, and more!

Tiki Iniki is located right outside the center of Princeville and is just a short 5-minute drive. Take Ka Haku Road south, turning right onto Highway 560 West when you come to it. After a quick right and then left turn, you will arrive at your destination. Bring your appetite!

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