The Nu'alolo Cliff Trail is one of the most breath taking hikes on the island of Kaua`i. And it's location means only the most dedicated outdoors man will ever seen it; it's only accessible by hiking over three miles down the Nualolo Trail or the Awa`awapuhi trail. Consider the trail the "bridge" that connects the other two trails in a sort of giant loop. In fact, that's exactly how we recommend folks hike it. The Nu'alolo Cliff Trail begins between the 3 mile and 3.25 mile markers on the Nu'alolo Trail and meets the Awa'awapuhi Trail near the 3 mile point. For the experienced hiker, plan an all-day loop hike down Nu'alolo Trail, along the Nu'alolo Cliff Trail, and back up Awa'awapuhi Trail, or vice versa (though we recommend the first option). View a map of the Nualolo Cliff Trail Loop. Another good reason to hike the loop clockwise is so you can decide early on if you want to experience the "cliff" portion of this trail. As you leave the Nu'alolo trail (likely just coming back from Lolo Vista Point) you'll notice the trail narrow and for a portion (about a quarter mile) you'll question your sanity for taking this trail to begin with. To say it's along the edge of a cliff is a literal fact, and while it's passable - extreme caution is needed during that short portion. Beyond that the trail is significantly easier as it heads towards Awa`awapuhi, occasionally providing you some incredibly scenic lookouts on your left into Nualolo Valley.

UPDATE - The State has temporarily closed the Nu'alolo Cliff Trail due to erosion on a section of the trail near it's junction with the Nu'alolo Trail.  Check for updatees with the Koke'e State Park to see when it is re-open.   Nu'alolo Trail and Awa'awapuhi Trail remain open.

Nualolo and Awawapuhi Trail Loop
Nualolo Cliff Trail
Narrow portion of Nualolo Cliff Trail

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Article Edited/Contributed by: Victoria Derrick

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