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Don’t miss out on the fun of Anahola Beach. Take some time to chill and hang out with your friends and family on this beautiful island. Surfing, sunbathing, swimming, or picnicking are just some of the exciting activities you can do on your trip to Anahola Beach. 
Big, clear waves roll in gently to shore and make the bay the perfect place for surfing or boogie boarding. The sand is soft, and the waters are crystal clear.


Overview of Anahola Beach

Anahola Beach is a quiet, secluded spot on the east side of Kauai. The beach is situated in a bay, sheltered by a large reef which creates calm waters and excellent snorkeling opportunities. This is a local, residential area and has a relaxed feeling away from the crowds of the south shore. It is one of the most popular beaches for locals who live in the area and often has a decisive shore break that can make swimming a little dangerous. However, it is still a beautiful spot to take in a Kauai sunset, and you might even get to see some local surfers shredding.

Anahola Beach does not have lifeguards or public facilities, and the parking lot is relatively small. However, some nice covered picnic tables with grills are available for public use in this beautiful setting. The swimming in the bay is calm, and there are many shallow areas for young children to play in. The waves are small and usually gentle enough for kids to swim deeper outside the bay. Still, it is recommended that you supervise children closely as currents can carry them out and around the end of the reef (and there are no lifeguards).

The beach park is known for its crystal clear blue waters and white sandy beach. The reef along the shore protects the beach from big waves and makes it safe for swimming. The beach park is ideal for families with small children due to the calm waters.
Nature lovers will love this secluded spot as mountains, and lush greenery surround it. There are also many trails to explore in the area. 
If you love snorkeling, this is one of the best spots on Kauai to see hundreds of different species of tropical fish! Due to its popularity, many guided tours stop at Anahola Beach Park during their tour. You should not miss this beautiful beach park!


Getting There- Anahola Beach

The Anahola Beach Park is located on Anahola Road in Kauai, Hawaii. You can get from Lihue by taking Highway 51 to Highway 56, which runs along the coast. Turn onto Anahola Road, which runs for about five miles before reaching the beach park. You can't miss the large sign that greets you as you enter the parking lot, which has room for all kinds of vehicles, from cars to RVs and buses. Once you leave your vehicle behind and head down the paved path toward the beach, you will be greeted by swaying palm trees and lush vegetation.


Essential Tips for a Great Visit to  Anahola Beach

Visitors are encouraged to enjoy the beach during daylight hours when a lifeguard is present. Visitors should use caution on the beach near the old pier and at the mouth of the river. Visitors should care when walking on rocks or wading in waters with coral reefs, as footing can be tricky and coral may be sharp.
There is permitted camping available at Anahola Beach Park. Keep an eye out, especially at night, for intoxicated and rowdy crowds, and do not venture to the smaller areas of the beach on Aliomanu Rd at night.


Anahola Beach Amenities

Anahola Beach has excellent facilities, including showers, restrooms, plenty of parking, and lifeguards on duty seven days a week during peak tourist season.

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Get Ready for an Adventure at Anahola Beach

Family Activities at Anahola Beach

Anahola Beach is a beautiful oceanfront beach that offers many exciting and fun activities for the entire family. . Enjoy the excellent swimming and snorkeling conditions for all ages. The beach is roughly three miles long and features plenty of space for family activities like picnicking, volleyball, or simply enjoying the warm Hawaiian sun. Anahola Beach also offers excellent fishing locations for even the young who wants to fish! 

If you love camping with your family, you will love the beach camping at Anahola Beach. You can rent tents at the beach and set up camp with your family for a quiet evening of fun and relaxation. When it gets dark at the beach, you can light up a bonfire on the beach and enjoy roasting marshmallows together with your kids.


Anahola Beach Activities

For adventurous travelers, Anahola Beach offers endless activities, including surfing and windsurfing, sunbathing, or just relaxing in the soft sand all day long.

Surf: If you enjoy surfing or want to try surfing, this is the perfect place to do so. The waves are not high, but they are enough to thrill surfing. But be careful because there are rocks in the water.

Camping: If you’re looking for a unique getaway, come camp out on the beach and fall asleep under the stars for only $3 per night. Find your perfect spot in the grassy area under the shade of the local palm trees. The county requires permits, so be sure to call or check online before you arrive.

Sunbathing: This activity is suitable for those who want to get tan skin or relax their mind by feeling the breeze and listening to the sounds of the ocean.

Picnic: Anahola Beach is a great place to picnic. The park offers a pavilion that You can rent for group gatherings. Suppose you are looking for something more secluded. You can find your spot along the beach. There are many shaded areas with trees that are great for picnics. Additionally, Anahola Beach has BBQ grills available for visitors near the pavilion. Their availability makes it convenient to cook up lunch or dinner before heading down to the beach or after a long day of fun in the sun. You will want to bring your charcoal and lighter fluid with you to use the BBQ grills as the park does not provide them.

Swimming: Anahola has a wide sandy beach with clear water. It is also suitable for children because it has shallow water, so it would be safe for them while enjoying their time in Anahola Beach.

Snorkeling: Hawaii is one of the best places to do snorkeling. At Anahola Beach, you can find turtles and much different fish. The water is usually calm and great for kids. Before going, make sure you rent snorkeling gear from Kapaa town or Poipu. Both locations have everything you need, like masks, fins, tubes, and more! 

Diving: Divers will love this spot because of its rich marine life and shallow waters, making it very safe for diving and snorkeling. The sea turtles, dolphins, parrotfish, and other marine animals found at this place will keep you occupied for hours if you are a diver.

Stand-up paddleboarding: Stand-up paddleboarding is another fun thing to do in Kauai. Stand-up paddleboarding can be an exciting activity for people looking to try something new or who just wants to get in some exercise while taking in the scenery of the ocean! If you've never been paddle boarding before, we recommend going with someone who has experience so they can show you how it works.

Bodyboarding: Anahola Beach is excellent for bodyboarders of all ages and skill levels. The gentle waves in the bay make it safe for everyone.

Fishing: Anahola has become a popular spot for fishers over the years. Many varieties of fish can be found off the coast of Anahola, including Mahimahi, Ono, and Ahi (yellowfin tuna). If you look closely, you may even find an octopus or two!

Fun on the sand:  Anahola Beach has plenty of flat sand space so you can play your favorite team sport like soccer, ultimate frisbee, football, or beach volleyball! Bring some paddles and balls.

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