Many cultural resources exist on Kauai for those interested in exploring traditional Hawaiian culture.  There are many active Hula Halaus that meet regularly and authentic ceremony is practiced by the kahunas who live on the Garden Isle.   There are numerous Heiau on Kauai some are extremely well preserved and their traditional uses are preserved by the Hawaiian caretakers who preserve the Kanaka Maoli culture for future generations.  There is even a Hawaiian Language school for children where all the teaching until age 10 is done exclusively in the Hawaiian Language.  Enrollment is open to children of all ethnic backgrounds.  Kauai also has a thriving arts scene with many masterful musicians, artists and craftsmen on the island. While most nightlife is very low key (especially in comparison to the hotspots of Honolulu and Lahaina); in addition to the commercial music venues, Kauai has many informal musical performances at private residences and beaches – something the long time locals call backyard music. We hope you enjoy this guide to some of the finest and most interesting art and cultural offerings that Kauai has to offer.