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Na Pali Kauai

One of the most beautiful coastlines on Earth- the Na Pali Coast- just beckons to be explored.

The rugged grandeur of seemingly impossible design, dolphins frolicking in the azure waters, and a sprinkling of sea caves and rainbows make the Na Pali Coast a truly enchanted place.  Naturally, a world-famous location deserves a stellar ocean adventure company; and with that in mind, we are proud to introduce you to our friends at Captain Andy’s- a fun-loving sailing and rafting company that takes your Na Pali excursion very seriously.

John Derrick
Published on: 02-20-2017
Published by: John C. Derrick
Capt. Andy's Tours will please the whole family.

Capt. Andy's Tours will please the whole family.

Capt. Andy has the perfect tour for every type of Na Pali visitor- choose from a sailing adventure on a luxury catamaran with loads of comforts and amenities; or, if you’re up for a wild ride, opt for an exciting rafting adventure- with lots of speed, splash, and sidesaddle-style riding!

Kauai Sailing Tours

Capt. Andy’s catamarans are stable, custom-designed luxury yachts with fully-protected teak-trimmed cabins, freshwater showers, bathrooms, trampolines for sunbathing, and submerged platforms for easy water access.

A perfectly romantic and relaxing Na Pali Dinner Cruise.

Enjoy 4 hours of pure bliss as you sail along the breathtaking Na Pali Coast, relish the panoramic views, and watch the colors dance along the rugged coastline. Then, savor a delicious freshly-prepared dinner, grab a cocktail, and watch the sun set- fabulous! 

The ultimate charter on the ultimate boat!

This 5.5-hour adventure has it all: breakfast, sailing along the Na Pali Coast as well as offshore, lots of amazing views (lava tubes and waterfalls, anyone?), and snorkeling with colorful marine life. Plus, the freshly-prepared BBQ lunch is sure to hit the spot.  

Feast your eyes on the tropical reefs and your tummy on the delicious lunch!

5.5 hours of exploring begins with a lovely continental breakfast and a sail along the Na Pali Coast. Then tour sea cliffs, waterfalls, and learn about mesmerizing Hawaiian history and legends. Top off your excursion with a tasty deli lunch- the perfect day. 

Great food, great sunsets, great memories.

Unwind in style with 4 full hours of relaxation and stunning views. Watch dolphins and turtles swim and play, have a drink, and enjoy a delicious dinner. Whether you take in the legendary Na Pali sunset with that special someone, family, or friends, we guarantee it’ll be an unforgettable experience.

Raise a glass to the gorgeous sunset, live Hawaiian music, and delicious appetizers.

Perhaps the most fun you’ll ever have in 2 hours, this adventure will delight your eyes with breathtaking views; your ears with wonderful live Hawaiian music; and your taste buds with tasty pupus (appetizers). So grab a drink, feel the sea breezes in your hair, and enjoy everything the Na Pali Coast has to offer. 

Kauai Rafting Tours

Capt. Andy’s rafts are 24’ motorized rigid-hull inflatable rafts that give an exciting tour of an exciting coastline. The thrilling ride zips you along as you sit on the sides of the raft and feel the wind (and water!) in your hair.

**Please note that due to the rough nature of this adventure pregnant women, those with back or neck problems, recent surgeries, or medical conditions that may be exacerbated by the rough ride cannot be accommodated.

Sea caves, snorkeling, waterfalls, hike, and picnic- this adventure has it all.

Hold on tight and get ready for nearly 6 hours of pure excitement! This thrilling raft ride has you darting in and out of sea caves, under waterfalls, hiking to an ancient Hawaiian fishing village, and even diving in for some snorkeling. Of course, all that adventure warrants a scrumptious lunch.

3,000 ft. cliffs above, colorful marine life below.​

What’s more exciting than just seeing the Na Pali Coast? How about 4 hours of exploring its waterfalls and sea caves, snorkeling its amazing waters, spotting its marine life, and learning its history. Wet, wild, and exhilarating? Yes. Unforgettable? Never. 

Why Choose Capt. Andy’s?

  • Passion- Capt. Andy’s says, “If you are passionate about your vacation, know that we feel the same about sailing with you.”
  • Experience- Capt. Andy’s has been in the business of exceeding customer expectations & providing superior Na Pali Coast adventures since 1980.
  • Expert Crew- Capt. Andy is committed to offering the best boat tours on Kauai, that’s why he has personally handpicked and trained the crew.
  • They Love What They Do- And it shows!
  • Commitment- To your enjoyment AND safety.
  • Knowledge- Capt. Andy’s crew are some of the best in the business and have an intimate knowledge of Hawaiian history & legends, marine life, culture & traditions, and the entire Na Pali Coast.
  • Glowing Reviews- Guests consistently rave about the amazing Na Pali sailing and rafting adventures Capt. Andy offers- and with good reason.
  • Fun- period!
Explore the Na Pali Coast with Capt. Andy's

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