We set out from Port Allen in the early afternoon for our whale watch tour. The original plan was to head north and sail along the NaPali Coast; but rough seas made that option impractical and the captain wisely ordered the vessel to remain in the calmer waters of the south side.    

Cruising east out of Port Allen we passed the beach at Allerton Gardens where a number of local people had paddled their surf boards and boogie boards over to play in the small waves lapping against the white sand.  As we continued to cruise eastwards, the disappointment of not going to the NaPali was soon dispelled by our first whale sighting.   

John Derrick
Published on: 09-21-2016
Published by: John C. Derrick

As we continued east towards past Koloa landing and Shipwrecks Beach towards Maha’ulepu; the whale activity increased.  We saw multiple blows, tail and pectoral fin slaps, a couple of head bops and finally a full breach.   The sight of a whale fully breaching is one of the most amazing things in the world, especially when you are on the water.  Breaches were occurring regularly and we saw whales off the bow, stern and starboard side of the vessel - all within a few moments of each other.  

During all the excitement, the Capt. Andy's crew somehow managed to serve one of the better meals I had eaten on Kauai in a long time.  The food was both abundant and tasty; there was fish, shrimp, chicken, steak, salad, pasta and of course dessert accompanied by as many refreshments as you could drink.   The Capt. Andy’s crew was very attentive, friendly and wonderful; after creating a special meal for my daughter of plain grilled shrimp and noodles, they returned on multiple occasions to see if there was anything else special which they could bring her.  It was a really nice touch and added to the feeling that we were being looked after very well and that the crew genuinely cared about our experience.  

After our meal we went down to the front of the boat where we sat on the trampoline for the cruise back to port.  By this time, the sun was setting over the water and we continued to observe whales all the way back to Port Allen. All in all I was very impressed by Capt. Andy's and found them to be a 100% first class operation.   

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