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Find Kauai’s natural beauty and wonder among miles of unspoiled beaches and the old charm of Kapaa Town on the Royal Coconut Coast. This east side region, known for its landscape of coconut groves, offers the most diverse oceanfront options for where-to- stay on Kauai. Only 15 minutes from Lihue Airport, the Royal Coconut Coast’s affordable hotel and condo resort rates mean that no matter where you choose your lodging, you won’t be disappointed.  Conveniently and centrally located, Kauai’s east side boasts the best ocean-front bike path on the island, numerous dining options, charming shops and boutiques, Hawaii’s famous Wailua River, multiple water sports, diverse hiking trails and seven beach parks looped along the shoreline.

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The Royal Coconut Coast  is a large area on Kauai that was previously central to royalty in the Hawaiian Kingdom.  Now this beautiful landscape brings in visitors worldwide.  
No matter what type of the accomodations you are searching for,  you will find a great choice on the Royal Coconut Coast.   Also, check out the  website- Royal Coconut Coast Association for the best dining, adventures, shopping and activites on the east side of Kauai.  

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Royal Coconut Coast Association
Royal Coconut Coast Association - Kapaa shopping.   Photo by Kicka Witte 
Royal Coconut Coast Association-Kauai Kayak couple at Wailua River
Royal Coconut Coast Association-Kayak Wailua Sleeping Giant.  Photo by Kicka Witte
Royal Coconut Coast Association-Kayaks beached Wailua. Photo by Kicka Witte
Royal Coconut Coast Association- Kealia beach.  Photo by Kicka Witte
Royal Coconut Coast Association- Palm trees sunset.  Photo by  Kicka Witte
Royal Coconut Coast Association -  couple clinking glasses 
Royal Coconut Coast Association -  couple crossing beach stream

Royal Coconut Coast Association - Tahitian dancers.   Photo by Mike Teryua
Royal Coconut Coast Association - famers market flowers.   Photos by  gelstondwight
Royal Coconut Coast Association- family playing beach 
Royal Coconut Coast Association - hiking views sleeping giant
Royal Coconut Coast Association - Kapaa Kauai farmers market
Royal Coconut Coast Association - Kapaa Shoppers at a table 
Royal Coconut Coast Association - Kauai Stand Up Paddle Wailua River 
Royal Coconut Coast Association - Kealia Beach.  Photo by  Jay Spooner
Royal Coconut Coast Association- Secret falls.  Photo by  Kicka Witte

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