No matter what type of traveler you are or what you're in the mood for, The Valley Isle is simply brimming with attractions. Pack up the kids and Snorkel Molokini, tour the famed Road to Hana, or simply lounge on any of the famous Maui beaches- how about the amazing Kaanapali Beach, which was once reserved for royalty? And while there are never a shortage of wonderful Maui attractions, some absolutely cannot be missed. Be sure to check out our Maui Must See and Do area for the best Botanical Gardens, Whale Watching, Luxury Maui Hotels, and so much more. Count on Hawaii Guide to help you find the top Maui attractions that'll have you saying, 'Maui no ka oi' which means, 'Maui is the best'!

Maui has some absolutely fantastic trails - hikers surely won't be disappointed. You can hike a trail leading into a rain forest or trek into a gulch with a 400-foot waterfall as your reward. If you'd prefer, hike along the ridge of Waihee Valley and take a trip to Kauai (or so you'd think from the view). You can even hike into the erosional crater of Haleakala Volcano and view one of the world's most bizarre and rare plants, the Silversword.

Whether you're a beginner looking for a quick morning hike or an experienced trailblazer longing for a full-day trek, Maui offers a diverse array of trails. Be sure to check out trails below; especially the multitude of trails at the summit of Haleakala (we particularly enjoy the Keoneheehee Sliding Sands Trail). We've rated all of the trails as either Strenuous, Moderate, or Easy and we've included distances, as well. Get a hiker's view of the trails through our many videos and photos.