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Maui RegionsThere is much talk, if not controversy, about how to split up Maui by region so that it can easily be described on a website such as this. Why the controversy you ask? Well, Maui, like all the Hawaiian islands, is part of a county politically divided into several districts, clockwise: Lahaina, Wailuku, Makawao, and Hana. Since Molokai and Lanai are also technically inside Maui county, they are also districts, but we're ignoring them here. Quite honestly, to the modern day traveler these districts serve no purpose.

The remedy then is to find a way to divide the island into segments that are easy to recognize, describe, and access via the major roads of the island. This is where much of the debate comes from. Every "expert" has their own way of dissecting the island into pieces.

Our way is pretty simple and it's a method we've followed in all of our physical guidebooks and eBooks. Ultimately we've divided the island in a manner that helps us group attractions together so that they are easily accessible along the major routes of the island. This allows us to use our mile by mile directions to easily and accurately describe each spot here on our website.

Explore the Regions of Maui

The island can be divided into six regions: West Maui, Central Maui, Northeast Maui, Southeast Maui, Upcountry Maui, and South Maui. Within these six areas is a diverse offering of beauty, history, culture and excitement which makes Maui one of the most visited islands.

Northeast — Hana Highway, etc — Southeast — Oheo Gulch, Piilani Hwy, etc — Upcountry & Haleakala — Haleakala, Kula, etc — South — Kihei, Wailea, etc — Central — Iao Valley, Kahului, etc — Southwest — Lahaina, Kaanapali, etc — Northwest — Spouting Horn, etc —

Recent Maui Articles

  • Wailua Falls

    Wailua Falls is one of the premier waterfalls not only on Maui, but in all of Hawaii. Nested just beside the road a few miles past Hana Town, this waterfall makes an excellent opportunity to snap a photo of one of Hawaii's finest scenes. Whether the flow is heavy or light, the falls is almost always beautiful.

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  • Haleakala National Park

    Haleakala National Park is a must see on your trip! Weather permitting, the crater is a sight to be hold, offering expansive views into the heart of Maui and its recent (geologically speaking) volcanic history. The colors are incredible, and the scene can be literally breathtaking - especially if you visit in the early morning to view the sunrise. Just be sure to dress warmly, it's quite cold at the summit.

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  • Road to Hana

    The Hana Highway, better known as the 'Road to Hana,' is probably THE drive in Hawaii. Known for its dozens of single lane bridges, plethora of waterfalls, and countless curves, this scenic drive is near the top of every Maui visitor's list. Be sure to head out early if you expect to see all the sights and attractions and still make it back by dark.

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  • Maui Bamboo Hike

    The Pipiwai Trail at the Oheo Gulch (or Seven Sacred Pools as some know it) is probably the best trail on the island of Maui. The trail follows the stream up to breath-taking Waimoku Falls, cascading 400 ft down the horseshoe canyon walls. The journey will take you through an incredible bamboo forest that will surely be an adventure for the entire family.

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Featured Maui Attractions

Maui is renowned worldwide for many things; its beauty, its atmosphere, its history, and its never ending supply of pristine beaches, waterfalls, landmarks, snorkeling in Maui, and gardens - just to name a few. It's a wonderful place for a Hawaii vacation. There aren't a whole lot of places in the world you can go and experience all you can on the small island of Maui, Hawaii. What's more, is the fact you can access nearly all of Maui by vehicle. The roads literally skirt the edge of Maui's coastline all the way around, figuratively speaking in a large sideways "8" shape with each circle of the eight a mountainous volcanic landform. Many people famously say, 'Maui no ka oi' which means, 'Maui is the best' - and for good reason.

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On the west side of the island stand the West Maui Mountains and on the east the tall, majestic, and expansive (Mount) Haleakala. Between the two you have the isthmus valley that famously dubs Maui the "Valley Isle." Offshore, you have the beautiful Molokini islet - great for Molokini snorkeling. Whether you plan to settle into a vacation rental by the sea or get out an hike our website and our guidebooks are designed to help you plan the perfect Maui vacation.

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