Turtle Beach heralds the entrance to the North Shore, and is located near Kahuku Point, the most northerly point of Oahu.  Turtle Bay Beach is also known as Kukae'ohiki (which means excrement of the ghost crabs), and is famous for the turtles of course. Visitors flock here to see them because they are known to hang out rather close to the shore. They tend to not always show themselves, so your best bet is to just go and if they are there then great if not - then try another time.

The swimming isn't great at this beach due to currents and the beach rock that lines most of the near shore waters.  Beyond the reef, the area is popular for surfing.  Diving and fishing are also commonplace here.  Neighboring Bayview Beach is more popular for swimming as it is more protected and boasts a sandy bottom.

The luxurious Turtle Bay Resort is located right next to this bay.  It is the North Shore’s largest hotel and sits on 880 acres.  Entrance to the public beach is via the resort parking lot.  Parking is free but can be difficult and a long walk may be required to reach the bay area.  There is a café right on the beach.  The beach itself is sandy and a great place to picnic.

Turtle Bay Beach is a great spot to visit, just remember it is illegal to touch or handle the turtles so only take pictures and watch them. Be aware when standing close to them - the shoreline currents might send one straight into your shins rather fast.  It is advisable to keep your distance for the turtles’ sake also.

Article Edited/Contributed by: Penelope Law

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