Waterfalls on the island of Kauai are some of the world's best.

Below we've included links to several of the best waterfalls on Kauai, most of which you can actually see without a tour or helicopter (all falls visible from the air only are noted). Kauai is the one island we would highly recommend a helicopter tour of though, since so many of it's beautiful waterfalls are tucked away in hidden valleys. And nothing can surpass the experience of a helicopter flight into Wai`ale`ale Crater and viewing its "weeping wall." The sight is breathtaking - you can't even count all the waterfalls.

On the list of Kauai waterfalls below, we've included the height of the falls when possible, a rank (out of 5 stars), noted if it's a seasonal falls (dry in summer or too heavy of a flow in winter), and included any additional access information as necessary. If you think you've located a Kauai waterfall we've mistakenly left off this list, by all means please contact us and we'll make sure it's added. Be sure to also check out all the waterfalls in Hawaii on our Hawaii Waterfalls page.

Hanakapiai Falls ----Height: 410ft | Season: Year round | Access: Difficult hike | Rating: 4 Stars

Kipu Falls [KAPU] ----Height: 20ft | Season: Year round | Access: Short hike | Rating: 0 Stars

Manawaiopuna Falls (via Helicopter only) ----Height: Approx. 360ft | Season: Year round | Access: Via helicopter | Rating: 5 Stars

Opaeka'a Falls ----Height: 150ft | Season: Year round | Access: Visible from overlook | Rating: 4 Stars

Wailua Falls ----Height: Approx. 80ft | Season: Year round | Access: Visible from overlook | Rating: 5 Stars

Waipo'o Falls ----Height: Approx. 800ft | Season: Usually year round | Access: Visible from overlooks | Rating: 3 Stars

Kalihiwai Falls ----Height: Approx. 60ft | Season: Usually year round | Access: Via difficult hike or quick view from bridge | Rating: 3 Stars

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