Nothing hits the spot on a warm Hilo day like looking down the mouth of a lava tube. Just a little north west from Hilo you will find Kaumana Caves Park. From Hilo take Waianuenue Ave. mauka for about a mile. Kaumana Dr. will branch off to the left. The park is located on the right between the 3 and 4 mile markers. The parking lot is across the street and on a blind curve so be careful when crossing the street. The entrance to the cave is marked with a railing. A very steep set of stairs descends into the cool darkness of this relatively young lava tube.
The lush plant life in the cave is in large part due to the consistent rain in Hilo. Bring along a flashlight if you would like to explore deeper into the cave. There are two caves which are about 16 feet in diameter: one to the right and one to the left. Restrooms are available. Note: Kaumana Drive is one of the ways to reach Saddle Road from Hilo. This cave is actually a skylight in a 25-mile long lava tube that was created by an 1881 flow from Mauna Loa. History reports that the 1881 flow stopped within 1 1/2 miles of Hilo due to the intervention of Princess Ruth. She camped in front of the flowing lava and pleaded with Pele to spare her city. Her prayers were answered!

Article Edited/Contributed by: John Derrick

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