Waterfalls on the Big Island of Hawaii

Simply put, waterfalls on the Big Island of Hawaii are some of the world's finest. The lush green northeastern coast- the Hilo and Hamakua Coast regions- is home to lovely tropical gardens nourished by the abundant rainfall the area receives. And this rainfall provides lots of opportunities to appreciate the island's falls. The best part? What really takes a waterfall from "beautiful" to "spectacular" is height- and Hawaii's falls sure have it! In fact, Big Island is home to some of the tallest falls in the state.

Below we've included links to several of the best waterfalls on the Big Island, most of which you can actually see without a helicopter (all falls visible from the air only are noted). And while you can certainly get to some of these places on your own, a great way to see the highlights is by booking a Big Island Tour with The Volcano Van. 

On the list of Big Island of Hawaii waterfalls below, we've included the height of the falls, a ranking, have noted if it's a seasonal falls, and have included any additional information as necessary. If you think you've located a Big Island waterfall we've omitted, please contact us and we'll make sure it's added. Also, be sure to check out all the waterfalls in Hawaii on our Hawaii Waterfalls page.

Akaka Falls ----Height: 422 ft. | Season: All | Access: Short paved trail | Rating: 5 Stars

Peepee Falls ----Height: Approx. 60 ft. | Season: Year round | Access: Paved trail | Rating: 4 Stars

Rainbow Falls ----Height: Approx. 80 ft. | Season: Varies in flow | Access: Next to parking lot | Rating: 4 Stars

Umauma Falls ----Height: Approx. 40 ft. per fall (tiered) | Season: Year round | Access: Via Overlook | Rating: 3 Stars

Hiilawe Falls (Visible only from within Waipio Valley) ----Height: 1,200-1,600 ft. | Season: Year round | Access: Via valley road | Rating: 5 Stars

Waiilikahi Falls (Visible only from within remote Waimanu Valley) ----Height: Approx. 1,080 ft. | Season: Year round | Access: Via difficult trail/helicopter tour | Rating: 4 Stars

Onomea Falls (Inside Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden)----Height: Approx. 20-30 ft. (tiered) | Season: Year round | Access: Along trail in garden | Rating: 3 Stars

Big Island of Hawaii Waterfalls Photo Gallery

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