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Hawaii Forest & Trail Oahu Guided Tour

Take advantage of Hawaii Forest & Trail’s unparalleled land access and expert birding guides on this wildlife tour of Oahu. We’ll track native and exotic species found nowhere else in North America from a private access forest reserve high in the Waianae Mountains to the beaches and wetlands of the coast below. At the beach, we’ll also keep an eye out for some of Oahu’s endangered mammals and reptiles including the Hawaiian Monk Seal, and the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle.

Tour Highlights include:

  • Access private land that is exclusive to Hawaii Forest & Trail to visit one of the last habitats of the Oahu Elepaio

  • Bird from high elevation to sea level to see a wide range of species and habitats

  • During certain times of the year, we’ll take advantage of opportunities to find seasonal visitors such as the Laysan Albatross, Pacific Golden Plover, and Bristle-Thighed Curlew.

  • Along the coast, we’ll also keep an eye out for rare sea life, including the critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal.

Discover Hawaii Forest & Trail's Birds & Wildlife of Oahu Tour!
Additional Tour Information
  • Price: Adults - $200
  • Capacity: Maximum 12 passengers per van.  
  • Tour Time: 10 hours approximately
  • Pick Up: Pick-ups available from All Koolina Resorts and other select locations.
  • Dress Code: Guests wear closed toed comfortable walking shoes and may want to bring a light jacket
  • Activity: Short walks varying in length from .5 mile to 1.5 miles.  Easy to moderate. Can be foggy & misty in the mountains
  • Restrictions: Physical—Guests on this tour should not be physically challenged or unable to walk short distances of 0.5 to 1.5 miles on uneven and rocky terrain.  Age— 8 and up
  • Includes All entry fees, breakfast, daypacks, binoculars, raingear, walking staffs, snacks, and water.
  • Menu: Lunch:  Your choice of fresh deli sandwiches.

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