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Mahina Hawaii will pick you up from your home/hotel in their luxury surf minivan and take you on a ride you will never forget!  They will do a circle around the island and hit every spot on the way that just can’t be missed. You will hike to multiple secret locations, Surf or Stand Up Paddle up calm and protected bays and rivers, jam out to your favorite music, eat fresh homemade local healthy food, snorkel with turtles, wild photoshoots at every location, learn about the history of the locations we go to, and best of all, enjoy the day to the fullest! This is nothing like the Big Business Tour Companies where you watch from the bus. Mahaina Hawaii gets you out to experience the best of what Oahu has to offer! They also take all your photos and include them in the package, so you can enjoy the most of your day!

Do you want to see all the fun?- WATCH VIDEO 

  • Pick up from your hotel.
  • Circle around the island for all those can't-miss spots.
  • Hike in secret locations, surf, or Stand Up Paddle.
  • Eat fresh homemade local healthy food.
  • Snorkel with turtles.
  • Photos are included in your package.
  • This is so much better than those "big tour companies".
  • Pick up at 9:30 am - Drop off at 5:30 pm.
  • This is a MUST DO experience!
John Derrick
Published on: 11-20-2018
Published by: John C. Derrick
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Paddle out to Chinaman

Paddle out to Chinaman's Hat

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