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Maui Waterfall Tour

Maui is certainly a place of lush beauty a true land of enchantment. That said, there are some places on the Valley Isle that are genuinely exceptional and represent the very essence of the island. Meet The King’s Gardens Maui

The King’s Gardens Maui is an exclusive private Maui estate filled with historical treasures, mesmerizing gardens, a sacred waterfall and pool, and a vast array of beautiful features that will delight and impress you.

Our Maui Waterfall Hike and/or Chocolate Tours, or Both Combined

Each of these breathtaking tours lasts approximately 2 hours and is the perfect adventure for couples, solo travelers, and even multi-generational groups. The hike distance is about 2 miles and provides a medium hike. Speaking of hiking, on these adventures you'll walk in the steps of the king on his royal footpaths and trails, which lead you through some of the world's largest prehistoric gigantic ferns and rainforest with towering trees. Plus, you'll even get to experience seeing the ancient water cave and tunnel of the lizard god Mo'o and hear about the illustrious history of how cacao (chocolate) goes from the tree to the dessert known around the world. 

Don't miss this unique opportunity to be one of the lucky few who can enjoy this natural wonder. This highly-prized royal Hawaiian heritage site is recognized as one of 4 sacred power spots in Maui!

We suggest you dress appropriately for light hiking conditions: A light long-sleeve shirt and light long pants as well as hiking shoes or hiking sandals.

This tour is an exciting and wildly popular tour through a lush, tropical private secluded Hawaiian heritage estate were you get to see a beautiful waterfall one of the very first on the way to Hana but before the road gets windy. Here you get to avoid the hoards of crows and enjoy private guided tour give by one of their expert guides who are voted some of the best in Hawaii.

  •  See a real sacred pool & stunning waterfall!
  •  Experience the king’s royal archeological artifact gardens
  •  See the ancient water cave and tunnel of Mo’o, the giant lizard god
  •  View the world’s most massive prehistoric dinosaur ferns
  •  Be amazed as you peer up thru an epic rainforest with trees 70 to 100 feet height.
  •  Price: $79.00 per person. Children under six only $69.00, but make sure to contact them for their weekly specials at

Explore some of the world's most enormous ferns, lush rainforest, tour cacao gardens, and experience first-hand how cacao beans become the delicious chocolate we all love.
Tour highlights include those featured in the Waterfall Hike PLUS the full chocolate-lover's experience. 

  • See a real sacred pool & stunning waterfall!
  • See the king’s royal archeological artifact gardens
  • Experience the ancient water cave and tunnel of Mo’o, the giant lizard god
  • Admire prehistoric dinosaur ferns and towering trees
  • Learn all about the growing, harvesting, and processing of cacao
  • Participate in the hands-on process of converting cacao beans into a chocolate treat
  • Sample chocolates from Hawaii and around the world 
  • Price: $128.00 Children under six only $118.00

One of Maui's Most Popular Tours

Explore one of Maui’s most beautiful private estates, nestled along the famous Hana Highway. This area is rich with royal artifact gardens of the late great king and sees one of the very first waterfalls and sacred pools on the way to Hana! Situated within a comfortable hiking distance of the trail start. This magical location boasts an epic rainforest with an enchanting freshwater stream. It’s an exciting adventure where you can learn about the king's ancient historical wonders from our expert naturalist guides.
This fantastic destination offers a multitude of inspiring views from every corner of this private royal estate. It's a little taste of heavenly Hana without the long drive, which is only 30 minutes from the airport.

What Makes The King’s Gardens Maui a Must-See?

  • It’s a rare & highly-prized world original experience
  • Only a few lucky souls are permitted to visit to preserve the sensitive royal archaeological sites
  • Designated as one of the Four Sacred Power Spots on Maui
  • The first beautiful waterfall along the famed Road to Hana
  • Pristine Hawaiian rainforest
  • Enjoy, see, feel, smell, hear, and learn in this one-of-a-kind immersive adventure
  • Hawaiian history, myths, and legends come to life at the King's Gardens Maui!

Volunteer While Visting Maui

Would you like to help create a legacy while on Maui? Well, you can, simply volunteer at the Kings Gardens Maui, your efforts can help restore and preserve this ancient Hawaiian national treasure.  Some of the things you can help with are planting, gardening, building, and upgrading the Royal Walking Trails. If you have tools and gloves, please bring them. Remember to dress for garden work!   

Can't help plant? Then please consider giving a generous monetary donation, just simply visit their website and click on the donate now feature and give what you can. This way, you can surprise this fantastic local Maui Charity with a generous donation that helps them do more significant work in the world. We have found that 95% of the people love to give at least a $50.00 to $500.00 donation to enjoy helping and being a part of creating a wonderful Maui legacy!
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