Son has been practicing healing arts for the past 14 years. He received his massage therapy  license in 2000 and has been refining his technique since.  Son's keen interest in energy healing, meditation and the mind body connection led him to his Kung Fu teacher who invited him into a closed door school of healing and martial arts for advanced students.

Growing up on Oahu, Son has a natural connection to the healing energies of Hawaii.  Son has received extensive training and study in Chinese medicine and uses his knowledge of the meridian system and traditional Tui Na techniques combined with deep structural work and LomiLomi to create his unique blend of deeply healing massage.

As a closed door lineage disciple, Son has been privileged to receive teachings not available to the public and has been bestowed by his teacher with the degrees of Medical Qi Gong Master and Tui Na Master.   One of Son's passions is teaching; he teaches Qi Gong and Bagua classes as well as workshops to help train other massage therapists.

This is not a fluffy massage.  Son gets in there deep to open the channels and free joints and muscles that have been bound together by stress for many years.  After my first session with him, I was happily surprised by the increased range of motion in my shoulder.  After session two, I felt a new sense of alignment and the release of some old patterns which had been limiting me. 

John Derrick
Published on: 08-13-2019
Published by: John C. Derrick

The opening of the channels allows the energy and oxygen to flow back into the tissues and revitalizes areas which have become stagnant.   At the end of each session, Son does energy healing work to help connect the heart and mind.  The full benefits of the session are not immediately apparent when getting off the table; it took me several hours to integrate it fully and Son says that some of his clients take up to 3 days to fully integrate the session.  You will feel the benefits immediately... and it keeps getting better.   

Son says that one of his biggest rewards is when a client looks up after his session with an expression of total gratitude for the healing.   Part of his intent is to align the head with the heart and allow the heart to expand more, our hearts bear the stress of the burden of our physical experience.  No matter where our tension is, a shoulder, a knee or a wrist, it all weighs on the heart; so at the end of each session Son focuses on freeing up the heart and helping it to release its restrictions.   Many massage therapists are taught to push toward the heart in the course of a session, but Son says that his only adds additional burden to our most vital organ.  In his sessions he first works away from the heart to allow it to pump freely and ease, similar to unblocking a traffic jam or freeing up the plumbing before moving back towards the heart to assist it in circulation of our blood supply. 
Son is a gifted healer with a unique style that combines his extensive Kung Fu training with traditional massage study.  

Sessions available at his private studio in Kilauea or by outcall to your accommodation.


75 minutes: $90
90 minutes: $105
120 minutes: $135

Outcall surcharge $20 per session

phone: (808) 333-0122

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