Ha Coffee Bar, located in the Lihue Town Plaza on Rice St in Lihue, is a breath of fresh air and a wonderful place to take a break when in Lihue.   One of my friends whose home is nearby told me it was really nice so I decided to come check it out for myself.  When I pulled into the parking lot I realized that I was walking into the same building that used to be occupied by one of my insurance agents.   Walking through the door I was stunned at the transformation which had taken place in the interior.  Gone were the myriad cubicles formed of white chipboard, the harsh fluorescent lighting and the claustrophobia inducing low ceilings.  In their stead was a beautifully decorated, peaceful and open great room with 25’ ceilings, tasteful finished carpentry, and a design that allowed natural light to enter though large open windows.  I was amazed at the metamorphosis of the space and felt that I had stepped into a bubble of peaceful, relaxation in the heart of Lihue.  Chris, one of the owners, is a former contractor who did all the remodeling himself (except for the plumbing and electric)

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