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Kauai is an island of magical landscapes and some of the most dramatic scenery in all of Hawaii; there is so much to see and do and each attraction seems more spectacular than the last. And the best way to experience all of the Garden Isle’s many sights is with a comfortable and reliable rental vehicle.

Enter Rent-a-Car Kauai. Before we tell you about their great vehicles, convenient rental policies, and fabulous reviews, let’s look at what makes them a truly unique Kauai rental car company.

Rent-a-Car Kauai was founded by our friends Jeff and Maroesjka (pronounced Mah-roosh-ka), and their story is truly inspiring. While visiting Kauai from California on a two-week vacation in 2008, they observed the need for more personalized and affordable car rentals. They felt called to pursue their vision and decided to take a leap of faith and turn their dream of living on Kauai into a reality. In 2011, they founded Rent-a-Car Kauai and their business has since blossomed. Always thankful for the opportunity to live on the Garden Isle, Jeff and Maroesjka pride themselves on providing service with a smile and reliable vehicles so that others may tour this island paradise. 

Rent-a-Car-Kauai Offers:

Rent-a-Car Kauai offers the perfect vehicle for you and your travel party- whether you’re a family with little ones, lovebirds on your honeymoon, or a group of hikers in search of the perfect trail.

Let’s take a look at everything Rent-a-Car Kauai offers:

  • Mid-size cars, full-size cars, trucks, and SUVs: The perfect vehicle for your needs.
  • Very competitive rates: Rent-a-Car Kauai isn’t bound by high pricing structures found in large national companies.
  • Gently-used vehicles: Safety and reliability in every rental.
  • All-inclusive prices: No extra taxes or hidden fees of any kind.
  • Free unlimited mileage- Explore and see it all for one low price.
  • Airport pick up and drop off- No hassles or annoying lines like the big companies.
  • Late arrivals no problem- Because sometimes life is unpredictable!
  • Four-day rental minimum- Of course, you’ll likely need more time to explore.
  • Loads of happy customers- Rent-a-Car Kauai has made countless Garden Isle vacation dreams a reality and has the great reviews to prove it.
  • Well-established and family-owned business- Exceptional and personalized service is paramount.
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As the leading alternative car rental company on Kauai, Rent-a-Car Kauai offers a wide variety of vehicles including economy cars, full-size cars, trucks, convertibles, and luxury cars. 

Here at Hawaii Guide, we have traveled extensively throughout the Hawaiian Islands and understand that renting a car can sometimes leave a lot to be desired. However, Rent-a-Car Kauai was founded out of a love for the Garden Isle and the desire to provide a service that helps make your Kauai vacation simply stellar. Rent-a Car Kauai's customer service and aloha spirit place them in a class by themselves. 

If you are looking for a reliable, easy, and well-priced alternative to the major car rental companies, we recommend you make a reservation with Rent-a-Car Kauai.

Call: (808) 822-9272

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