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Kauai Hiking Adventures offers visitors a chance to see the real Kauai! Private, guided hiking tours are available and suited for all fitness levels. Each tour is completely customized and tailored to each hiking party - KHA will design a hiking tour that's just right for you!

Kauai Hiking Adventures is unique because the guides believe in walking in harmony with the land, exploring nature in a sacred way while discovering the beauty that is the Garden Island of Kauai. Hikers have the opportunity to learn about the history of the island in addition to the local plant life, animals, and culture here on Kauai. KHA offers hikes suitable for all types of hikers, be it a stroll through a lush rainforest or an all-day excursion over the cliffs of the Na Pali coast. Having personally hiked with Kauai Hiking Adventures many times, Hawaii-Guide is able to personally recommend their tours and hikes. We have hiked to some absolutely incredible places with KHA and we have never been disappointed. For years we thought we'd seen it all, but after a few trips out with Kauai Hiking Adventures we learned just how much more there was to see and do on Kauai. You won't go wrong with KHA, be it a half-day hike or a full day adventure.

For one to four people, pricing starts at only $195 for a half-day hike (price includes all fees).  For full day adventures, the price is $295 - $395; again for a maximum group size of four. For groups larger than four, please call for exact pricing.

You can email Kauai Hiking Adventures at [email protected] or call them directly at (808) 822-HIKE

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