Aloha everyone. I realized it‰'s been a while since we‰'ve updated our blog about our moving experience, and I wanted to write quickly about where things are at for us, in addition to touching on another subject very personal, but dear to my heart.

Currently we‰'re going through the motions of getting things aligned with where we want to physically be. This is proving to be a lesson in patience for us both, but especially for myself. It‰'s easy to say I‰'ll just get all of my affairs in order to make a major life decision, but when it comes down to it, the little details add up in a hurry. Primarily we want to get our financial-house in order, removing any obstacles that may stand in our way BEFORE we make the move. This is our number one priority and will involve us separating the business more from our personal accounting. To this note we are also looking to grow the business more, by investing in mutually beneficial relationships and concepts that will help both ourselves and others at the same time. We have recently brought on two content writers here at Hawaii-Guide and this will begin to provide a great deal of additional content here on the site. So we‰'re excited about working with these two fine writers, and we‰'ll definitely introduce them to everyone in the coming weeks.


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