Immersed in Beauty

Hawaii is truly a magical place. As the days turn into weeks and weeks into months, the feeling of homeliness settles more deeply into my heart and the powerful energy of the land here filters into my soul. The very nature of this place is having a deeply healing affect on me.

The feeling of serenity in the Hawaiian islands emanates from the abundant natural beauty that surrounds.  I am very lucky to live in a wonderful location with a extensive views to Mt Wai'ale'ale.  Every day I witness the most glorious sunsets over the mountain from our lanai.  The rays illuminate the sky as the sun emerges from the blanket of cloud settling along the flat ridge of the mountain top and the whole valley basks in golden light.  The moods of the mountain vary each day - one day cloudy and moody - the next crystal clear. The terrain of the distant mountain is undulating like the folds and creases of a dark green silk cloth that has been gently draped over the ancient rock.  The magnificence of a Wai'ale'ale sunset signals the end of yet another glorious day on Kauai.  As gold fades into the pastel light of dusk, the night sky becomes filled with stars.  The bright orange ball of the full moon rises and moonlight begins to fill our garden, creating a magical feeling as the stillness of the night floods my being.

I am discovering that Hawaii is also a deeply spiritual place.  For each individual this is a unique experience.   My experience of feeling connected and open-hearted as I journey in this land defines spirituality for me.  Hawaii is a place where, if one allows it, there can be experiences of inner peace and tastes of bliss that settle upon one's heart like a gentle butterfly landing gracefully in an unexpected place and illuminating that place with brightness.

This is not a place to try to hold on to old ways of being in the world.  The energy of Kauai in particular - where I am residing - will not tolerate any old stuck thought patterns or closed-mindedness within me.  I can hang onto them if I choose but it only causes pain as everything seems amplified here, which makes that rather uncomfortable!  The longer I stay here the more I am choosing to just let go of things that are no longer serving me - like pain in my body or mind and letting of old ways of going about things.  The work I was doing before coming here was satisfying in some ways but not REALLY what my heart and soul wanted to be doing.

In the ancient Indian Sanskrit language the word 'Dharma' designates those behaviours considered necessary for maintenance of the natural order of the universe.  In other words, it alludes to the idea of what right action or service might be best to pursue in one's life in order to be in harmony with the universe.  I translate this to mean that to put it simply, I need to be doing what makes my heart sing (not what I or other people THINK would be best for me).

Interestingly, since I have arrived on this island, each time I entertain the thought of doing anything that does not 100% resonate with my heart, body and soul, I simply cannot do it.  At times this is frustrating as my mind attempts to take control and dictates what it 'thinks' I should be doing, but thankfully my heart keeps shining forth and guiding me as to what it is I most need to be doing in each moment.

My life here now is primarily about healing and creating a solid family foundation together with Scott and Mohala.  Creating an entirely new way of going about my day is wonderful and challenging.  No longer tied to a specific schedule, I am learning to prioritise the things I love most and let go of what is really not important.  As I practice this more and more, I discover that my inner happiness shines through when I am being true to my heart's calling, or my dharma.

As I wake in the morning after a nourishing sleep, the rays of the sunrise filter through the purple Hong Kong orchid tree in our front yard and it is like having a silent choir of beauty surrounding me to mark the beginning of another day.  The cycles of nature are very pronounced here and I feel immersed in the beauty and green of mother earth.  My days are filled with precious moments that are expressions of a life simply lived -  the laugh of a child echoing through our garden abundant with colour and magnificence, or perhaps the glisten of the ocean beaming its silvery smile at me as I drive along the Kuhio highway that hugs the coastline north of Kapaa, whales slapping their tails on the water in the distance.

I am at home, in love, and immersed in beauty.

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