Big Island - Kohala Waterfalls Adventure

Hawaii Forest & Trail Guided Tour


If a full-day rainforest adventure that’s easy, fun, and perfect for all ages sounds like the ideal Hawaiian vacation activity, that’s because it is! This excursion will have you touring several private waterfalls along the historic Kohala Ditch Trail, which was once used to carry water to the area’s sugar cane fields. Along the way, you’ll have ample opportunity to discuss Hawaiian history as you visit a restored taro farm and also learn about the area’s complex and fascinating irrigation system.

You’ll love the trip along the trail not just because of the sights, but also because you’ll be riding in a 6WD Pinzgauer (an Austrian military vehicle). And those waterfalls we mentioned? You’ll enjoy taking a refreshing dip in the last pool along the way! You’ll also have the chance to get an up-close look at the sights and sounds in the rainforest on a guided walk through a private nature reserve- it’s the perfect way to appreciate the area’s flora and fauna. If that weren’t enough, stop to shop or have some ice cream in a quaint little plantation town.

So many lovely sights warrant an equally lovely lunch, and that’s just what you’ll get as you enjoy a picnic lunch with views of lush green valleys and sea cliffs at one of Hawaii’s best lookouts.

This is the ideal tour for all ages and will show you some of the Big island's most beautiful sights and lovely experiences. Book your Kohala Waterfalls Adventure today!

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