Many who choose a Hawaii vacation will be enthralled with the unique character of each island.  With her white sandy beaches, gorgeous sunsets and seemingly endless ocean and rainforest views, Hawaii is a destination of beauty that delights at every turn.

A winter holiday on the Big Island provides more than just elegant resorts, unspoiled beaches and beautiful scenery. The climatic zones on Hawaii’s biggest island range from the warm and sultry tropical rainforests to sub-artic summits of the world’s largest active volcanoes. The Big Island boasts everything that the other islands have except for the crowds, traffic and abundance of nightlife.
 Prevalent in the winter months are humpback whales that migrate from the northern reaches of the Pacific to enjoy the warm and calm waters of Hawaii to give birth to new calves. Whale-watching boats are especially popular for island visitors who are in pursuit of views of spouting and breaching mammals.

A rare Big Island event occurs almost annually. Typically following an especially wet and tropical rain event, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa will display snow-covered summits. Big Island winter snowstorms bring excitement among locals.  At this time of year, local people love to take a day trip via four-wheel drive vehicle with boogie boards in tow to slide down the volcanic cones on freshly fallen snow.

A special Big Island experience is a night snorkeling trip with manta rays. Harmless yet enormous, they gather in a couple of spots along the coast in search of their evening meal of plankton. Snorkel boats arrive with excited passengers aboard to view these gentle creatures that perform a water ballet in the warm ocean waters under an eerie glow of underwater floodlights.
 One of the more enticing sites that is unique to Big Island is the on going eruption of Kilauea volcano. The Halemaumau eruption has spanned almost four decades.  A drive to the crater overlook, especially at night, provides epic views of volcano vapor plumes and an eerie orange glow as well as the occasional bubbling lake and glowing lava flows that cut through native Hawaiian forests or pour over seaside cliffs into the ocean.

Big Island waterfalls are some of the more elaborate and accessible in all of the islands. Akaka Falls and Kahuna Falls are accessible via a short and well-maintained walkway that provides an up-close and personal experience.  Rainbow Falls is located just a couple of stop lights from the heart of historic Hilo with a the perfect view being just a few steps from the parking lot.

The Big Island offers the visitor a largely varied experience that one can remember for years to come. It is certainly the island of choice for those who love open spaces, a unique feature at every turn of the road and lots of charm.

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