Swim Kohala Waterfalls Adventure

Hawaii Forest & Trail

Would you like to experience the best things to see and do in the Kohala Region without having to commit to a full-day adventure? Are you up for an off-road adventure, guided walking tour, and the chance to swim under a cascading waterfall... all in about 3 hours? If so, then check out the Swim Kohala Waterfalls Adventure by Hawaii Forest & Trail. 

This family-friendly tour is perfect for all ages and is a great way to experience the top Kohala activities. You’ll get to ride off-road in a 6WD Pinzgauer (Austrian military vehicle); have the chance to marvel at the local flora and fauna on a guided tour through a private nature reserve; explore three private waterfalls and swim and play in the cool waters; and take in some of the most spectacular views of the Kohala coastline.

Your excursion includes refreshments… but there are no guarantees they’ll be as refreshing as the waterfall swim!

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to explore Hawaii’s rainforest and book your Swim Kohala Waterfalls Adventure today! Why today, you ask? Because too often we hear stories of people who wait until they get to the Big Island to book their adventures, only to find out the best experiences- like this one- are booked full. Please don't let that happen to you; book your Swim Kohala Waterfalls Adventure before you get to Hawaii.  

Great Prices - Book your Swim Kohala Waterfalls Adventure TODAY

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