Mauka a half-mile beyond mile marker 19 on the Hana Highway you'll find beautiful Upper Waikani (Three-Bears Falls). This is one of the most visited waterfalls in the area. At first glance it appears as though your only view will be from the roadside, but further investigation yields a short trail to the falls. At the Hana end of the bridge you will see a way to climb under the structure; some folks say to climb under on the mauka side, but we found it easier on the makai side. After climbing under the bridge, follow the short jungle-like path towards the falls and then rock-skip a few feet up to the best vantage point. This is a really great way to view the falls up close and personal.

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The photo seen here may make the falls look fairly small, but it's actually 70 feet tall! The size will likely surprise you in person. The falls can change in (flow) size dramatically depending on rainfall. In the winter months the falls can be huge, unapproachable, and even unattractive, whereas in the spring and summer they can ideally be much smaller.

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