A lot of folks have asked us to create a simple Road to Hana map to go along with our more detailed Road to Hana eBook maps. The road to Hana has more stops and sights to see than any other drive in Hawaii. Below you'll find a simple road map detailing the Road to Hana, officially known as the Hana Highway. We've also included four samples of our detailed Road to Hana maps (click them to see the larger versions); you can obtain the full set of 6 highly detailed maps FREE as an Ohana Member. These maps are highly detailed and made to be printable at home on standard printer paper.

Another great option to consider is making a reservation with with Valley Isle Excursions on their guided Road to Hana Tour. They offer hotel pick up from most major locations, have a wonderful and professional staff, stop at 13 different scenic spots during the course of the day and their customized vans have panoramic windows which make for a great view of the scenery.

Highly Detailed Road to Hana Maps - FREE for Ohana Members
Click any map below to enlarge it

Road to Hana Map - Part 1
Road to Hana Map - Part 2

Road to Hana Map - Part 1
Road to Hana Map - Part 2

Basic Hana Highway Map with Routes
Road to Hana Highway Map

Article Edited/Contributed by: John Derrick

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